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Besside -ng : A tool to hack Wi – Fi automatically

Hello aspiring Ethical hackers. In this article, we will learn about a tool named Besside -ng, which can automatically crack WEP passwords and log WPA handshakes. This tool authored by Andrea Bittau is made in the line of another tool, Wesside-ng which only cracks WEP passwords automatically.

Before you run Besside-ng, monitor mode should be enabled on the wireless interface as shown below.

Once monitor mode is enabled on the wireless interface, we can run Besside-ng as shown below to automatically crack all the WEP passwords and log WPA handshakes.

If you want to crack the WEP password of a single Access Point, the command is as shown below

where “-c” is used to specify the channel the Wireless Access Point is running on and “-b” is the –bssid of the Wi -Fi access point.

how to use besside to crack wifi passwords

Besside-ng automatically starts creating traffic and cracking the WEP key as shown below.

As you can see in the above image, it cracked a 64bit ASCII WEP key in less than 1 minute. How about 64 bit hexadecimal WEP key that’s a bit complex.

This key was cracked in 63 seconds. How long it will take to crack the same key we cracked earlier with aircrack?

It took just 45 seconds to crack the password. This time, I generated a complex WEP key and tried again. The key was cracked in around 15 minutes as shown below.

Here’s the WEP key I set.

Just like cracking WEP, even Cracking WPA can be automated using tool besside-ng. To do this, we run besside-ng on the target wi-fi network.

Besside-ng automatically captures WPA handshake. Then all we have to do is run aircrack on the wpa.cap file.

The WPA key has been cracked successfully.

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