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Fixing Kali Linux apt get update signature error

If you are a regular user of Kali Linux or for that matter any Ubuntu or Debian machine, you should be knowing what apt get update is. It is a simple way of updating the packages of Linux systems. Frequently many users of Kali Linux faced the problem as shown in the image given below while running the update command. This is called Kali Linux apt get update error.

Today we will see how to fix this problem. As underlined in the given image, the error occurs when verifying the signatures. What signatures is the error referring to? Just like any software nowadays, the Debian packages are supplied with a digital signature to preserve their integrity. Before downloading the packages, these signatures are verified. If these don’t match, we get an error as shown below.

To solve this problem, we need to get the new signature. This can be done using the command

wget -q -0 – | apt-key add

as shown in the image shown below.

Once this is done, apt-get update command should work fine as shown below.

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