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Hack Windows PC with Watermark Master BOF

Good Evening Friends. Today we will see how to hack remote Windows PC with Watermark Buffer Overflow exploit. To those newbies who don’t know what is Watermark master it is ” primarily meant for people who need to protect video or graphics files from illegal copying by putting a watermark (text or graphic information) over an image. Simple text, image file, animated GIF or video file can be used as watermark here. Besides, Watermark Master provides ability to apply a great number of various effects to a watermark, including dynamic effects. A dynamic effect implies variation of the watermark in time, for example, smooth appearance or disappearance of the watermark, movement of the watermark, etc. ” Today we will see how to hack a remote Windows 7 PC with Watermark master buffer overflow exploit. This vulnerability exists in Watermark Master 2.2.23.

You can watch the video version or scroll down if you are of  reading type.

Start Metasploit and load the exploit as shown below. Set the meterpreter/reverse_tcp payload.

Set the required options as shown below.

After setting all the required options, type “exploit”.

But before doing that, we have to create a listener. The process is shown below.

Set all the options. The lhost and lport values should be same as above.

Type command “exploit”. The exploit will run and stop exactly as shown below.

Now send this file to the victim.

Now when user opens this file as shown below,

We will get a meterpreter session as shown below.

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