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Install Kali in Virtualbox (Update to kali 2020.4)

The makers of Kali Linux have a released the second version (2020.2) of Kali Linux for the year 2020.  Since many versions have been released since we last wrote this article, we decided to update this article on how to install Kali in Virtualbox.

Kali Linux 2020.2 has many brand new features.  With xfce and gnome given Kali Linux feel, this release has given themes for KDE Plasma. This is like going back to its roots as Backtrack used to have this desktop environment. The login screen also has been given new graphics along with a new layout. Also now you can install Powershell by default by selecting the meta package while installing. This release also updated gnome to 3.36. The new tools included in this release include NextNet, the pivot point discovery tool and SpiderFoot  the OSINT tool.

The makers also included python2-pip once again to add support to some tools still depending on python2 although overall it upgraded to Python 3.8. This release also replaces CherryTree, the note taking application with Joplin. Now, let us see the simplest process  to install Kali in Virtualbox. For this download the virtualbox image of Kali Linux 2020.2 from here. We have performed this installation in the Oracle Virtualbox 6.

This howto is using the Kali Linux 32bit OVA . Your downloaded contents should look like below. As you can see, we have an ova file.

Now open Virtualbox and go to File Menu > Import Appliance as shown below. It can also be accessed using shortcut CTRL+ I.

A window like below will open. Browse to the OVA file we downloaded.

After selecting the OVA file, click on “Next”.  If you want to make any changes to the virtual machine settings like RAM, name etc, you can do it here. You can also leave it to default values if you want. Click on “Import”.

Click “Agree” when the software license agreement pops up as shown below. The import process starts.

After the import process is completed, Power On the virtual machine. You will see a login screen prompt. Login using the credentials kali:kali.

Here is the final look of the Kali Linux virtual machine we installed.


225 thoughts on “Install Kali in Virtualbox (Update to kali 2020.4)

  1. hi. im using VirtualBox and did the same above steps for installing kali linux. im having a dual booted pc having win8 and fedora trying to install kali linux in fedora25. after doing the above steps, gives me a main screen with two options and after that only a blank screen.

    just like Neeraj had.
    please help……

    1. How much RAM did you allocate to the virtual machines?

  2. what if someone like me has core -i5 processor and trying to run kali on virtualbox then how many processor should i assign….is it okey that if i assign 1 processor for kali linux virtual machine to run…my first basic need is to learn bash and metasploit commands etc that means no heavy work then later i will switch it to physical machine.

    1. Based on your requirements, the default settings are sufficient for you. Just assign one processor.

  3. Hello i got here 1 question currently i am running kali linux latest version live without installing does it work same as installed one

    1. Yes, Kali Linux will work same whether you install it on hard disk or as a virtual machine or as LIVE. The only difference between live installation and other installations is that in LIVE installation nothing will be saved. Once you shut it down, everything is new as fresh.

  4. hi i have kali linux 2017.3 . when i try to install or graphical install it shows an error like:breakpoint has reached at location .what i have to do

    1. This error can be caused for a number of reasons. Can you please show us the entire error message.

  5. Now i will update myself into Leet

  6. Today I heard something new

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