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Install Matriux Krypton Ec-centric in Oracle Virtual Box

Matriux Krypton is a pen testing distribution based on Debian. It consists of almost 300 security tools for ethical hacking categorized as arsenals. It has a category for data recovery which is not prevalent in other penetration testing distros. Today we are going to see how to install Matriux Krypton Ec-Centric in Oracle Virtual box. It can be downloaded from here. Open Virtualbox and click on “New virtual machine”. On the popup window, give the name as Matriux ( in fact any name you like ). Select operating system as “Linux” and version as “Ubuntu”. Click on “Next”.

Select the appropriate memory you want to assign to the virtual machine and click on “Next”.

Select the option “create a virtual hard drive file” and click on “Create”.

Select Hard drive file type as VDI. Click on “Next”.

Choose appropriate storage option and click on “Next”.

Set your virtual hard disk size appropriately but I suggest you to keep it above 8 GB. Click on “Create”.

Select the location of the iso file and click on “Start”.

Select the option “Live”  and hit Enter.

Log into account matriux. The default password is  “toor“.

 If everything went well, your system should look like this.

 Before running the Matriux disk Installer, we need to perform some operations. Go to “System>Administration>Gparted” as shown below.

 Enter the administrative password as “toor”. Click on “OK”.

 In the gparted window, click on “Create Partition table”.

 When a warning is shown, click on “Apply”.

 Right click on the unallocated hard disk and select “New” as shown below.

 Change the file system  to ext3 and click on “Add”.

We can see our “New Partition” ready to be created. Click on the “tick mark with blue background”.

 We can see our partition created as below.

 Close the window and click on “Matriux Disk Installer” we saw above. When the window opens as below, click on “Yes”.

 Choose the partition we created( i.e /dev/sda1) and click on “OK”.

Click on “OK”.

Click on “OK”.

Create a personal account login name.

Choose the password for you personal account. Click on “OK”.

Choose the root account password. Click on “OK”.

Select the appropriate locale as en_US. Click on “OK”.

If everything goes well, we will get a window as shown below. Click on “Yes”.

 We will get the below message after successful installation.  Click on “Yes” to reboot your system and you are ready to go.

Hope this was helpful.


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  1. These instructions also work for the latest Matriux install; the only difference is that the disk size should be at least 12GB (I used 12GB & all fine so far); Matriux “Leandros” v3 RC1 (2013.09.27) is the current latest version & works great for me, many thanks 🙂

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