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How to install Vulnerawa in EasyPHP

Vulnerawa  is a vulnerable web application designed by me to simulate real-time websites. It has been designed to help beginners understand website hacking clearly. It can be downloaded from here.  Today I am going to show how to setup Vulnerawa in EasyPHP. EasyPHP is a portable  WAMP server for PHP web development and web hosting on Windows. Go here and download the EasyPHP DevServer 14.1.  Install the Devserver. The installation is quite simple.  However when it asks where to install EasyPHP server, set it in a folder where there will be no clash of user rights. I set it in the C:/ folder as shown below.

Once installation is finished, start the server. As the server starts, there should be a icon in the taskbar showing the status of the EasyPHP Dev server as shown below.

See there and make sure your server has started. If it didn’ start, start  the server as administrator. Now open your browser and type “localhost” in the URL bar. If the result is as shown below, Your EasyPHP server installation is successful.

Now go to the folder where file you downloaded is located and extract the contents of the zip archive to the folder shown below. This is the root folder of the server.

Now in the URL bar type “localhost/vulnerawa1.0.2” and hit Enter. If you get the result as below, you are all ready to play with Vulnerawa.

Before you start practicing, create the database by clicking on button “Create Database”.

Hope this was helpful. Happy hacking practice.

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