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How to make live usb of kali linux

Hi Everybody, today we are going to see how to make live USB of Kali Linux. Live USB installation has many advantages like system administation, forensics and testing of the OS before making a hard drive installation. However what prompted me to make kali live USB  was wifi hacking. My laptop has a compatible adapter for wifi hacking but Kali Linux in Vmware Workstation recognizes your host’s wifi adapter as a ethernet adapter. So I thought I could postpone buying a usb wifi adapter for some time by making a live usb installation of kali linux.

Whatever, let’s get to how to make Kali Live USB. First we need to download software called win32diskimager from here,  Install the software and launch it. It will look like below.

Plug a USB drive into your laptop. Make sure it is atleast 4 GB.  In the “device” tab, select your USB drive. In the “image file” tab, browse to the iso image of Kali Linux as shown below.

Click on “Write”. That’s it you have successfully made a live USB of Kali linux. Hope that was helpful.

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