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Install ClearOS in Vmware

ClearOS is an UTM. For those beginners, who do not know what an UTM is, it is an Unified Threat Management software. Still no idea. It is a software with all security features bundled into one. It is based on CentOS and Red Hat and is used by many enterprises as a gateway. Its features include Stateful firewall (iptables), Intrusion detection and prevention system, virtual private networking, Web proxy with content filtering and antivirus, E-mail services, Database and web server, File and print services, Flexshares and MultiWAN. In this article, we will show you how to install clearOS in vmware.
As a penetration tester, it is very important to study about UTMs. So this installation guide. Download the open source version of ClearOS UTM from here. That would be community version. Once the iso file has finished downloading, Open Vmware Workstation (Version 12 used for this article). Hit “CTRL+N”. The below window should open.

Make sure the “Typical” option is selected, and click on “Next”. That takes us to the next window. Click on “Browse” and browse to location of the iso file we just downloaded and select it.

Now the window should look like the one shown above. Click on “Next”. The Guest operating system should be automatically selected for you, if not select Linux as OS and version as Centos. Click on “Next”. Even if you leave the default options, the installation continues.

Give a name to the virtual machine. Choose the name of virtual machine and its location as you like. I named it ClearOS. Click on “Next”.

Allocate the hard disk memory for your virtual machine. Keep the minimum as 15GB. Click on Finish.

It will show you a summary of all the selections you made. If you want to make any changes, click on Customize hardware or else click on “Finish”.

The virtual machine is created with the name you gave it. Before powering on the virtual machine, we need to add another network adapter to the virtual machine. Any gateway needs two network adapters. For reasons that will be explained later, I am adding two host only network adapters. Go to the settings of the virtual machine as shown below and click on “add” button as shown below.

You can see that the default network adapter assigned is NAT. On the right side, we can change it to Host-Only network as shown below. Vmware automatically creates one Host-only network adapter by default. We need to create the second Host-Only adapter manually Vmware Virtual Network Adapter.
To add another adapter, click on “add” button as shown below.

A new sub-window will open showing you all the types of hardware which can be added. Click on the “network adapter” as we want to add a network adapter. Click on “Next”.

In the next window,select “custom” as your type of network adapter and in the dropdown box you will find our newly created Host-only Network. For me it is Vmnet3.

As you can see below, our ClearOS virtual machine now has two network adapters. Click on OK to close the settings window.

Now Power ON the machine. After a small delay, the virtual machine will Power ON.The machine will power ON and take you to the screen as shown below. Use the option “Install ClearOS ……” using arrow keys on your keyboard. Hit on Enter. Even if you don’t hit Enter, the option you highlighted will be automatically selected after some time.

The system will prompt you to hit Enter to start the installation process. Press the “Enter” key.

Select the language in which you want to run the installation process and click on “Continue”.

Next, we will be shown the Installation summary. We can change any settings of the virtual machine from here. Let’s change the Network settings from here. Click on the highlighted area.

The “Network and Hostname” window will open. By default, both the adapters will be turned OFF. We need turn it ON by toggling the switch as shown in the image below.

In ON position, it will look like below. Do this for both the adapters. Once turned ON, click on “Done” to the top left.

This will take us back to the Installation Summary page as shown below. Configure other settings if you want.

Once all the settings are configured, click on “Begin Installation”. This will start the installation process. Don’t worry if you forgot any configuration. The system will prompt you if it needs anything to be set as shown below. In this case, I forgot to set the ROOT password.

So I click on that message and set a Root password as shown below. Once the password is set, click on “Done”.

Now it shows the message “Root password is set” as shown below.

The installation process will continue and once it is finished, you will be prompted to reboot the system. Reboot the system. It will ask for credentials. Enter them and you will be greeted with a screen as shown below.

That’s it. You have successfully installed ClearOS in Vmware. Now launch into the Graphics mode console by choosing the highlighted option. You will see something like below. You will be shown the IP address of the virtual machine we just created and also how to access it from a remote machine. That’s all for now.

This is how we install ClearOS in Vmware.

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