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This Issue starts with the Capture The Flag Challenge of AI WEB 2 walkthrough. Just like its previous version, this challenge is of AI WEB 2 walkthrough is also very informative and helpful for beginners. Unlike many walkthroughs available on the internet, we have made this walkthrough very detailed for our readers. It stresses to our readers as to how important enumeration is in penetration testing.

As Microsoft decides to end the support for Windows 7, we bring our readers answers to some of the most perturbing questions they might have about this event. Well, hacking always doesn’t have to be wrong books of windows anti malware. In this Issue, we present you two modules that used windows own features to grab a session on the target windows 10 system.   Both of these modules bypass windows applocker which is a security feature to control apps to gain a session.  There is also a module that exploits LibreOffice the world famous word processor. That’s all in our Metasploit This Month.

In  Metasploitable 3 tutorials, our readers will learn how  to exploit the  Elastic Search service. Elastic search is a search engine used by many organizations. It is also responsible for many data breaches we have seen recently. Our readers will also see some enumeration here.

Apart from these, our regular features are all present.

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