Hackercool_Mag June 2020 Issue



See what our Hackercool Magazine June 2020 Issue has in store for you.

1. Real World Hacking Scenario : Lateral Movement in the network. Exploiting shellshock and Dirtycow in real world.

2. Installit : Installing IPFire – Router cum Firewall

3. Metasploit This Month : Four Exploit modules including two windows privilege escalation modules.

4. Hacking Q & A : Answers to questions our readers ask.

5. Tool Of The Month : Tomcat War Deployer

6. Know Chain : Address Resolution Protocol.

7. Metasploitable 3 Tutorials : Exploiting HTTP PUT methods on port 8585 to upload shells.

8. Online Security : The darknet – a wild west for fake coronavirus ‘cures’? Some Useful Resources

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