Hackercool_Mag February 2021 Issue



See what our Hackercool Magazine February 2021 Issue has in store for you.

1. Hacking Without Metasploit : Exploiting ms08_067 vulnerability without Metasploit in 2021.         

2. WordPress Reverse Shell : Multiple ways to get a shell on a WordPress website.

3. Metasploit This Month : Shodan, GitLab and three WordPress plugin modules

4. Hacking Q & A :  Answers to some of the questions our beloved readers ask.

5. Forensics :  Hacking Case ( Part 2 )

6. The Art Of Sniffing : Sniffing Basics – Plain Text Protocols

7. What’s New :  Kali Linux 2021.1

8. Online Security : 64 RMIT attack underlines need to train all university staff in cyber safety.


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