See what our Hackercool Magazine July 2022 Issue has in store for you.

1. Real World Hacking :     

How To Become A Hacker By 2023?

2. Online Security :    

A New Data Privacy Bill Aims To Give You More Control Over Information Collected About You – and Make Businesses Change How They Handle Data.

3. Bypassing AntiVirus :               


4. What’s New :            

Kali Linux 2022.3

5. Real World Hacking Scenario :    

What Is DarkTortilla And How It Evaded Detection since 2015?

6. Metasploit This Month :    

FreeSwitch Login, JBoss EAP / AS Remoting, Sourcegraph & Apache Spark

7. Email Security :    

Email Scams Are Getting More Personal – They Even Fool Cybersecurity Experts.

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