Hackercoolmag Feb2020 Issue – Hacking mag




Hello readers, Ethical hacking is an art that is both challenging and exciting. In this Issue we will use  Maskcrafter CTF machine which is  a unique CTF challenge with two ways of getting low-privileges and two ways of getting root. As always we have taken a detailed approach so that our readers can learn ethical hacking  from this challenge. The tools we used for this challenge are nikto, nmap, Burpsuite, FTP, Metasploit and socat. Then our readers will learn about a tool called Donut which takes some executables and turns them into shellcode. In Metasploit this Month, we will see two linux privilege escalation exploits which use rootkits for privilege escalation. There is also a WordPress plugin exploit which bypasses login. In Metasploitable Tutorials our readers will learn about the Caidao web shell used by many Chinese APTs in real world hacking, of course in most simplest of language and with all practical knowledge.

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