Hackercool_Mag May 2020 Issue



To hack a system present on a different network is every ethical hacker’s dream. So in this Issue, we bring our readers a Real World Hacking Scenario on a scenario exactly showing that.  We will start by showing our readers how to create a LAB simulating exactly this scenario. Then our readers will be shown the hacking scenario.  As a part of this scenario, we will explain to our readers what is NAT, differences between SNAT and DNAT and the role they play behind the router. However, let us remind our readers that this is only one of the scenarios to hack a system present on a different network.  We will be coming with more such scenarios in our succeeding Issues.

In Metasploit This Month Feature we will be having ten different exploit modules that include exploit modules related to Centreon, Pandora  and Nagios. Those three are some of the most popular monitoring systems.  Other exploit modules include a privilege escalation module in OpenSMTP,  a backdoor module in PHPStudy, a zero day module in Vesta CP Control Panel and a few more.

In Part 2 of the Buffer Overflow Explained Feature,  our readers will learn how to write their first buffer overflow exploit. In another section, they will learn  how to exploit cron jobs to gain root privileges on a Linux system.

Apart from this, all our regular features are present.

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