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Reset nessus password in Windows.

Hi Friends, this is a guide on how to reset Nessus password in Windows. Open a command line terminal with administration privileges. Navigate to the installation folder of Nessus as shown below. That would be in program files.

Once you are in that folder, type “dir” command to see the contents of the folder as shown below.

Now type command ” nessuscli.exe lsuser ” to see all the Nessus users. In my case there is only one user present. Now to reset his password, type command ” nessuscli.exe chpasswd root “. Then enter the new password twice as shown below. Congrats, you have successfully changed your Nessus password.

2 thoughts on “Reset nessus password in Windows.

  1. Thank you for your post. It worked great!

  2. thank you for the pointer – it was the run as administrator that I had forgotten t do

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