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Parrot OS VirtualBox installation using ISO File

Hello aspiring ethical hackers. In this article, you will see how to install Parrot Security ISO in VirtualBox. In our previous article readers have seen how to install Parrot Security OS in VirtualBox using OVA file (VirtualBox image file). In this article, readers will see how to install Parrot  Security OS in VirtualBox using ISO file. Download the Parrot security ISO file from here. Once ISO file is finished downloading, open VirtualBox, go to Machine > New or hit CTRL+N as shown below.

A  new window will open as shown below.

Click on “Expert mode”.

How to install parrot os virtualbox

Fill up the details. Configure the machine folder, type of OS, version etc and allocate the RAM (RAM should be minimum 2GB). Once everything is configured, Click on “Create”.

Allocate the hard-disk size (minimum 16 GB is the minimum requirement but keep it at least 20 GB). Set the other options as shown below. Click on “Create”.

The virtual machine is created. Start the newly created virtual machine. It should start as shown below.

     Browse to the ISO file we downloaded earlier and add it as shown below. Then, click on “Start”.

  The interface changes as shown below. Click on “Install”.

Once you are at the OS interface, click on “Install Parrot “. The Calamares Installer opens.

Click on “Next “.  Select Location and click on “Next”.

Select the keyboard mode and click on “Next”.

Set the partition. Select “Erase disk” and click on “Next”.

Create a user and set credentials to the newly created user.

Review all the settings and click on “Install”.

Click on “Install Now.”

The system starts installing as shown below.

Once the system has finished installing as shown below, click on “Done” .

This will restart the system and will take you to the Login screen. Login using credentials of the newly created user and you are good to go. Happy hacking.

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