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Install Parrot OS in Virtualbox

This post shows how to install Parrot OS in Virtualbox. Kali Linux may be the most popular penetration testing distro but if there is any other operating system that can give Kali competition, that would be Parrot Security OS. It also has regular updates just like Kali Linux.

Parrot Security also sports many more tools than Kali Linux which includes software for cryptography, cloud, anonymity, digital forensics and of course programming. One of our readers has requested us to make a guide on how to install Parrot Security OS in Virtualbox.

Recently the latest version of Parrot Security OS (4.9.1) has been release. In this version, they made many changes like upgrading to new linux kernel (5.5), updates to many tools and removal of some redundant launchers.

Just like Kali Linux, the makers of Parrot Security OS are also releasing a OVA format of its OS for virtual machines. This makes installation all the simple without the clutter of virtual box guest additions not working or other related problems. Download the OVA file of Parrot Security OS.

We will install Parrot OS in the recent version of Virtual box. Once the download is successfully finished, open Virtualbox and go to the “File” Menu.

Select the option “Import Appliance”. Alternatively, the import option can also be accessed using command “CTRL+I”. The window opens as shown below.

Load the OVA file as shown in the above image and click on “Next”. The “Appliance settings” menu opens. Make changes as necessary or as you like. Here we have changed the name of the virtual machine and is allocated RAM. After the changes are done, click on “Import”.

In the Popup that comes next, Click on “Agree”.

The importing process starts as shown below. Let it go on without interruption.

After the importing process is done, you will see the virtual machine we just created in the list of virtual machines as shown below.

Start the virtual machine. The virtual machine boots as shown below.

After booting, the login screen opens as shown below. The default credentials are user : toor.

This is how we install Parrot OS in Virtualbox. See how to install Parrot OS in Vmware.

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