About Us

The journey of this Ethical Hacking Magazine started in that particular ethical hacking class where I was going to see hacking practically for the first time. The Attacker system was Backtrack and the victim system was Windows XP. However, before showing the famous ms08_067 hacking attack, the Firewall was turned OFF on Windows XP and there was no Antivirus installed on the victim system.

I immediately noticed it and brought it to the notice of the trainer. The Trainer sighed away my point by saying that everyone will learn hacking without firewall first and then with firewall and antivirus. Although his point was legitimate, the time to learn hacking with firewall and antivirus never turned out.

Dissatisfied with the content I learnt as part of my course, my passion for hacking made me to start my quest for Real World Ethical Hacking. It is my quest to bring these Real World Hacking Scenarios to readers that gave birth to Hackercool Magazine. In my opinion, teaching hacking by disabling firewalls, antivirus and other anti malware defence itself proves detriment to cyber security.

My research into learning Ethical Hacking with Real World Scenarios gave birth to our product Hackercool Magazine, the only Hacking Magazine which teaches Ethical hacking in Real World scenarios. Our Magazine is a unique cyber security Magazine that is released monthly. Started in year 2016 on Gumroad, Hackercool Magazine has finished three Editions successfully and enlightened many cyber security professionals and passionate enthusiasts of ethical hacking. In these five years, my magazine faced many complaints that it was encouraging malicious hacking. As a part of this, many of my Youtube videos were taken down and blog posts reported. It took some effort to balance ethics with Real World hacking but we finally did it. You can have a look at our Magazines here.

Now we are a registered company with name Hackercool Cyber Security (OPC) Pvt Ltd. We have constantly updated our Real World Hacking Scenarios to stay up to date with emerging challenges. The changes are still going on and we also have future plans to get into penetration testing services.