Hacker magazine that brings its readers the latest Black Hat and Red Team hacking techniques every month

Hackercool Magazine is a cybersecurity, Infosec, ethical hacking magazine (or any other type you want to call it) in digital format that brings its readers the latest hacking techniques being used by Black Hat hackers and Red Teams to bypass firewalls, gain access, bypass Antivirus/EDR, elevate privileges etc to its readers every month. It helps you to understand how hackers in real-world are hacking and stay one steps ahead of them.

It also helps Red Teams in their operations to improve the security of the organization. This enhances your hacking skills above ordinary hacking practitioners. Subscribe now to our digital magazine. There is a plan in which you can read your first Issue for Free.

If you want more information about what this Magazine teaches you or to get an idea about how Black Hat hacking works, sign up free now to download our 12 Free eBooks.

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  1. ML
  2. ML

    I couldn’t download it, I message to the support but there is no response until now. “You cannot purchase this subscription product again, as you have already purchased this subscription product” but I see nothing in the basket to download

  3. PK

    Although content quality is good, the 2nd rwh lab scenario in this (standalone) ebook cannot be created due to lack of information. The second rwhs is, as far as I can notice, based on lab building information given in an earlier magazine (may 2020) and is not given in this standalone issue. Therefore it cannot be realized without also having the info from the may 2020 issue.

  4. A

    Very informative, really nice

  5. A

    This is really cool.