Hackercool Magazine is a monthly magazine that is dedicated to all things penetration testing and cyber security. Since 2016 when it was first launched, this digital magazine has been not only teaching penetration testing for beginners but also  improving cyber security awareness among our readers. 
It is unique from all other magazines in this category because it caters for everyone. From basic, intermediate to advanced learners, there is always something new to learn.
It also teaches how computer users can be one step ahead in today’s ever-changing and critical cyber world. Some of the exciting topics regularly discussed include online security, web security, penetration testing, Data security, Wireless security,  forensics and lots more.

As an experienced and certified ethical hacker, tutor and trainer, the author of this magazine had identified that most beginners who want to become professional white hat hackers encounter several problems during their journey.
Some of these challenges include understanding the complete concept of penetration testing, lacking the necessary knowledge and the inability to get the right information and materials.Since this magazine is made for people like these in mind, our tips and hacks are explained in simple terms for better comprehension.

Apart from dealing with the basic concept of penetration testing, Hackercool magazine is also concerned with cyber security, network security and management. Although this magazine caters explicitly for newbies and beginners alike, indefinitely benefit cyber security professionals in the industry.


-To help readers understand the cyber security better.

-To teach students new and better technologies and the latest penetration testing  techniques.

-To contribute positively to the ICT world, the community, and society at large with valuable information.

-To provide a safe and secure environment both online and offline.

Hackercool Magazine – Simplifying Cyber Security. 

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