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Install Parrot Security OS in VirtualBox

Hello aspiring Ethical Hackers. In this article, you will learn how to install Parrot Security OS in Virtualbox. Kali Linux is the most popular pen testing distro. Its regular updates and stability accord it the top spot. Apart from Kali Linux, there are many other pen testing distros available. One pen testing distro that can give tough competition to Kali Linux is Parrot Security distro. Parrot Security sports many more tools than Kali Linux which includes software for cryptography, cloud, anonymity, digital forensics and of course programming.

In this article, We will be installing Parrot Security OS in Virtualbox using the OVA file provided by the makers of Parrot OS (See how to install Parrot Security OS using the ISO file). You can download the OVA file of Parrot Security OS from here. Once the OVA file is finished downloading, Open Virtualbox and click on “Import”.

Browse to the OVA file we just downloaded and click on “Next”.

All the settings applied to the virtual machine are displayed. Change any settings if necessary and click on “Import”.

When Software License Agreement is displayed, Click on “Agree”.

Virtual box will start importing the Parrot Security OS virtual appliance as shown below.

After the import is complete, it will be displayed in the list of virtual machines as shown below.

We just need to power it up and the attacker machine is ready.

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