See what our Hackercool Magazine March 2022 Issue has in store for you.

1. Real World Hacking :     

A Step-By-Step Guide To Browser In The Browser (BITB) Attack.

2. Spring4Shell :            

Detailed Explanation, POC, Scanning & Reverse Shell.

3. Cyber War :   

The Hacker Group Anonymous Has Waged A Cyber War Against Russia. But How  Effective Could They Actually Be. 

4. Metasploit This Month :

Log4shell Injection, Apache APISIX & Laravel RCE Modules.

5. Bypassing Antivirus :

How To Make Batch Payloads Undetectable.

6. Online Security :        

Smart Devices Spy On You. Two Computer Scientists Explain How The Internet Of   Things Can Violate Your Privacy.


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