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Cracking Wifi passwords automatically with Wifite

Hello aspiring ethical hackers. In this article, you will learn about a tool named Wifite. It is an automatic Wireless password cracking tool that tries almost all known methods of wireless cracking like Pixie-Dust attack, Brute-Force PIN attack, NULL PIN attack, WPA Handshake Capture + offline crack, The PMKID Hash Capture + offline crack and various WEP cracking attacks.
Wifite is installed by default on Kali Linux. Just like any wireless password cracking method, Wifite needs monitor mode to be enabled on the wireless interface as shown below. However, it automatically enables this monitor mode but if it fails to enable it, you can enable it manually as shown below.

Let’s see how Wifite works in cracking WEP, WPA and WPS enabled networks. Once everything is ready, open terminal and start Wifite using command as shown below.


It starts displaying all the wireless networks in your vicinity as shown below.

Let’s target the Access Point “Hack_Me_If_You_Can” which has WEP security enabled. Once you select the access point you want to target, hit CTRl + C and enter the number of that access point. In our case it is “1”.

As soon as you enter the number of that access point, Wifite tries out various attacks against the access point and grabs its password as shown below.

WEP is too easy. Let’s see how it fares in cracking WPA password. We start Wifite as shown above. Our target is once again “Hack_Me_If_You_Can”. However, as you can see it is secured with WPA now.

It starts attacking employing various methods as shown below.

Now, let’s target a Access Point with WPS pin enabled.

As you can see, Wifite is successful in cracking WEP, WPA and WPS keys automatically without running any complex commands . Learn how to crack Wifi passwords with Besside-ng.

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